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During this terrible time we all are going through, this company offered my first mow free! I didn’t believe it but they did it yesterday! Being furloughed from our jobs not knowing what the future holds this was such a blessing and I hope everyone like us will be able to use their service that they so deserve! To God Be The Glory!!
Lisa K from Google
"I would never have thought that pressure cleaning the roof could bring back its original colour. It looks like a brand new roof! I am so happy with the outcome of the roof clean that I also got my solar panel, gutters and house washed as well. Very happy with the guys and JBL Blasting! Thanks again."
Somthavil S. via Google
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5-Star Gold Coast High Pressure Cleaning

Your property exterior makes a vital first impression to potential customers as a business owner and plays an important role in how welcoming your home feels to guests as a homeowner. At JBL Blasting, we’re going to make sure your property feels the most welcoming and gives the best first impression to all those who come by!

We provide various pressure cleaning services — all of which will help to restore and revive the exterior appearance of your home or commercial property. With over 10 years of experience pressure cleaning properties on the Gold Coast — and a good few 5-star reviews — you can trust JBL to help make your property shine!
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Residential Services

House Washing

Starts at: $350

Your home exterior is one of the first things people see when they enter your home. Seeing dirt, mould and mildew on the siding isn’t the most attractive thing to see for you or your visitors, and it also doesn’t create the cleanest environment.

JBL blasting provides pressure cleaning services for your home walls, eaves, windows, garage doors and more! It doesn’t matter what kind of surface it is, our team of trained pressure cleaners will revive it in the safest way possible. We also have a high pressure cleaning lance that can reach up to 7 metres — no ladder necessary! It’s a win-win for your home exterior and for your plants.

See some of our exterior house cleaning projects in and around the Gold Coast right here!

House cleaning, Gold Coast

Roof Cleaning

Starts at: $450

Did you know that mould, mildew and moss on your roof can significantly decrease its lifespan?

Our whirl-a-way turbo nozzle provides a uniform, safe, high pressure cleaning of your roof to ensure all moss, mould and dirt are removed. Our team of experts are insured and trained in all aspects of your roof cleaning. We take safety very seriously, and use the necessary harnesses and tools to ensure your roof and our team are safe when we clean.

You can see some of our roof cleaning projects on the Gold Coast right here!

Roof Cleaning project after

Driveway & Oil Stain Cleaning

Starts at: $150

Just like the negative implications of mould and mildew on your home and roof, grease and oil stains on your driveway can also contribute to its deterioration.

At JBL Blasting, we use a commercial high pressure cleaning machine that effectively and safely removes all marks from your driveway — even those uneven patches that a normal high pressure machine isn’t able to get. Before you know it, those old grease and oil stains will be long gone from your driveway!

Take a look at our driveway cleaning projects right here!

Driveway cleaning project after

Gutter Cleaning

Starts at: $220

Just like roof cleaning, gutter cleaning is essential to ensure that your roof remains in good shape. Clogged gutters can cause serious structural damage to your property’s foundations as the water can no longer flow freely and can end up flowing down your inner walls and back into your eaves.

At JBL Blasting, we will safely and effectively clean your gutters so they are free of anything that shouldn’t be in there (leaves, termites, etc.) and make way for the only thing that should! This way, water can flow freely and ensure the lifespan of your gutters (and roof).

See some of our gutter cleaning in and around the Gold Coast right here!

Gutter Cleaning, Gold Coast

Solar Panel Cleaning

Starts at: $80

Solar panels are a significant investment for your home — it’s important that you are getting the most use out of them. Dirty solar panels can result in you losing up to 30% of your home’s energy — not something you want after spending so much money on them!

JBL Blasting uses reverse osmosis deionization when cleaning your solar panels. We clean your solar panels with an 18 inch telescopic water-fed pole that produces 100% purified water, providing a deep, thorough and safe clean for your solar panels. We also clean hot water solar panels.

See some of our previous solar panel cleaning projects right here or tap on one of the buttons below to get in touch with us.

Solar panel cleaning on the Gold Coast

Window Cleaning

Starts at: $200

Are your windows streaky and a little dirty from the elements? We live in a beautiful part of the world here on the Gold Coast and the last thing you want to see when looking out of your window is streaks — we don’t want these kinds of distractions from the view we are blessed with!

At JBL Blasting, we provide professional window cleaning that will leave your windows streak-free and sparkling. Depending on your property and your windows, our experts will decide whether it is best to use a scrubber, a squeegee or a 13 meter water-fed pole brush. Whatever our tool(s) of choice may be, you can say goodbye to streaks and hello to the beautiful view outside — because that’s all you will be able to see when you look out your windows after we’re done.

You can take a look at some of our window cleaning projects right here!

Window cleaning on the Gold Coast

Concrete Sealing

Starts at: $390

Concrete sealing is an important step to keep your driveway protected from the elements, oil spills and more.

Using a gloss solvent based sealer, this ensures that your concrete is sealed and will be resistant to oil, chemicals, petrol and other substances that you don’t want to be touching your concrete. The sealer we apply is hard-wearing and helps to enhance the natural colour of your driveway.

Concrete sealing by JBL Blasting
"JBL Blasting provided a high quality clean of the roof and external walls of our house, our shed and all exposed aggregate concrete driveways, carport, paths and verandah. Judd also resealed all exposed aggregate concrete around our home. The finish was excellent. We plan to have Judd return every couple of years to do a professional clean."
Lillian F. via Google
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A Few Happy Clients

Trained, Insured & Certified

You can have peace of mind knowing that our team are CM3 certified and we carry $10 million in liability insurance.

Commercial Services

Store Front Cleaning

Having a clean exterior for your commercial property is a selling point of its own. If your exterior is streaky or covered in dirt and other unpleasant things, it’s not going to look the most appealing to prospective customers.

JBL Blasting provides commercial high-pressure cleaning 24/7, 7 days a week. That means that we won’t have to disrupt your schedule or your customers — we can come when your business hours are out of operation so you and your customers can come back the next day to a beautifully clean property. From exterior walls, footpaths, gutters and rooftops — we can clean your commercial property so it will be an accurate reflection of your business.

See photos of our store front cleaning on the Gold Coast here!

Petrol station pressure cleaning, Gold Coast

Body Corporate Pressure Cleaning

At JBL Blasting, we tailor our pressure cleaning service to suit your budget and your schedule so that you don’t have to worry about any disruptions.

Our insured cleaning technicians specialize in cleaning cark parks, bin enclosures, walkways, landings, stairs and more. We use an 8 meter lance that enables us to reach even the smallest and tightest of areas to ensure a full, thorough cleaning.

See some of our body corporate pressure cleaning projects in and around the Gold Coast.

Landing cleaning in Gold Coast

Car Park Cleaning

Say goodbye to a dirty, stained car park and hello to your revived car park surface. We are able to effectively clean large open areas using a 30 inch surface cleaner. This enables us to get your car park cleaned faster and even more efficiently.

We also have a 48 inch water broom with 8 nozzles which means that your car park is cleaned even more evenly and thoroughly.

Get in touch with JBL Blasting today to

Car park cleaning in Gold Coast

Sports Surface Cleaning

A dirty sports surface is an unsafe sports surface. With the amount of foot traffic that sports surfaces attract, it's common that they need to be maintained frequently to ensure that there are no accidents due to the state of the surface itself.

From tennis courts, netball courts, cricket pitches and more, JBL Blasting will safely and thoroughly clean all sports surfaces so that they can be enjoyed safely.

Check out some of our sports surface cleaning projects here.

Netball court cleaning in the Gold Coast

School High Pressure Cleaning

Safety in schools is always the top priority. Having clean outdoor surfaces is just as important as clean indoor surfaces, now more than ever.

At JBL Blasting, we provide high pressure cleaning for assembly areas, walkways, exterior walls, along with school sports areas too. We carry an Ochre Card that allows us to perform pressure cleaning services for both schools and early learning centres here.

See some of our school high pressure cleaning pressure projects in the Gold Coast right here!

School high pressure cleaning, Gold Coast

Bubble Gum Removal

Bubble gum is one of those things that can be extremely hard to remove well once it has stuck itself to a surface. You’ll be pleased to know that bubble gum is no match for JBL Blasting.

Our team of experienced cleaners will remove bubble gum from your store entrance, stadium and any walkway — you’ll be able to see what your concrete used to look like before it fell victim to gum stains!

Check out some results of our bubble gum removal from our project gallery!

Gum removal in the Gold Coast

Warehouse Floor Cleaning

It’s no secret that cleaning a warehouse is a big job to take on — but what’s also not a secret is that it’s a job JBL Blasting is happy to take on.

The industrial machine we use has a 30 inch surface cleaner reaching over 5000 psi (pound per square inch) at 24 lpm (litres per minute). We are able to clean open areas of over 4000 m2 daily. When you hire JBL Blasting for your warehouse cleaning, your job will be completed fast, efficiently and will ultimately save you money!

Check out our warehouse cleaning projects here.

Construction site cleaning
"We had our body corporate common area pavers cleaned today and Judd did an excellent job. Came up looking brand new."
Ralph S. via Google
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A Few More Happy Clients

JBL Blasting truck

High Pressure Cleaning Experts On the Gold Coast

We live in a beautiful part of the world here on the Gold Coast — and there’s no reason your property exterior shouldn’t reflect this too! Our team of expert cleaning technicians are dedicated to providing you with an effective clean for your property exterior that provides exceptional results. You can see what some of your neighbours on the Gold Coast say about JBL Blasting from our reviews right here. We hope you can join them one day too!